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The Intentional Influencer™ Course

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The Intentional Influencer™

Learn how to turn your passions into a platform & influence with intention to make an impact for the kingdom through this 6-week course and group coaching program

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You have God-given ideas and you know if you get them into our world they would make a difference but you are limited on time and overwhelmed with all the options.

But how would it feel if you could….

  • open social media and find an engaged audience?
  • Learn to influence with intention.

  • Determine where your influence can be most impactful and which social media platform is right for you.

  • Write quickly and effectively so you can spend your time efficiently.

  • Learn to share your message confidently from stage & social media.

  • Get paid to be an online influencer!

  • Create a concrete plan to pursue your dream to be an influencer that is joyful & fulfilling.

What is The Intentional Influencer™?

Watch this 3 minute video clip from Rachael's Instagram post to find out more!


Class starts February 20th!

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Introducing....The Intentional Influencer™ course!

The Intentional Influencer™ Course teachings include...

Week One

Discover your "why" & learn how to use your passions & strengths to gain influence for the kingdom through your business or ministry. 

Week Two

WHERE to influence &  WHICH Social Media platform is right for you.

Week Three

Learn basic writing skills, batch content creation, repurposing content, & email list growth. 

Learn to speak with confidence from stage, how to be a rockstar on social media live, and leverage your platform for speaking engagements. 

How would you like to get paid doing what you love? In weeks 5 & 6 we will discuss that very topic. Week 5 will focus on affiliate marketing. As an affiliate for over 20 well-known companies, I've learned the dos & don'ts. I will share all that and more(including my personal referral to those companies should you choose to work with them)! 

We'll learn all the other ways to get paid and build your online tribe: coaching, courses, membership sites, Facebook groups, ebooks, sponsorships, and more! 

Plus, a special teaching on how to keep going when you would rather quit! 

Hi, I'm Rachael Joy Gilbert

I am a speaker, author, coach, and online influencer who helps Christian women overcome fear and insecurities so they can confidently pursue their God-given dreams.

Do you desire to be a fear fighter and boldly crush your goals?

I did, too! But I wasn’t sure how to turn those dreams into a reality.

If you know me today, you may not believe that I used to be very shy and just wanted to blend in with the crowd. I remember hiding behind my mom as a child when someone asked my name.

The label of “shy” followed me around until high school when I slowly started coming out of my shell. I began to take risks in high school, only to find myself making poor decisions that ruined my reputation. I vowed to move away to college and be unknown and unseen.

But God had different plans.

I now speak on stages(which I claimed I would never do), record live videos, and podcasts in front of thousands!

The Lord has shown me that I wasn’t created to be shy, timid or fearful (see 2 Timothy 1:7) but instead to shine for him by confidently pursuing the dreams he has placed in my heart.

In 2015 I began to blog, which has opened doors for me to write for magazines, publish devotionals, speak at women’s conferences and launch a podcast. I also co-host The Declare Conference, a conference that equips Christian women communicators.

Most recently, God has opened a door for me to attend The King’s University where I am pursuing my Master’s in Marriage & Family Counseling. I have been writing and speaking on real topics that affect real people.

That’s why I set out to create online services through blogging, podcasting and coaching to help women bravely live the life God uniquely designed when he knit you together in your mother’s womb.

So why enroll in this course?

As you can see, God has taken me on quite a journey in life and ministry. Much like Moses, I was not born with the gift of speaking and writing but as I’ve said “yes” God has cultivated and equipped me for the call. He has brought many “Aaron’s” into my life to help unlock my gifts. I want to pass that gift on to others. I want to see women, just like you, say “yes” to God’s call on their life!

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"In a season of life where I felt like God was calling me to do big things, I was completely lost on where to get started in making the most impact with the gifts God has given me. Choosing to work with Rachael was the perfect way to structure and organize what seemed like an overwhelming task at hand. From the first time we talked, the passion and guidance Rachael provided was an incredible source of inspiration for me to not only go after those big dreams but it also gave me a tangible, executable plan to actually make it happen. I am lightyears from where I was when Rachael and I first started The Intentional Influencers program. I credit her with the success I’ve achieved thanks to her pouring into me and my calling over these last few months and I look forward to being able to use her as a resource, and a friend, for years to come. "

Haley Isbell
Author & Online Influencer

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Frequently Asked Questions

There will be six lessons with homework assignments along the way. 

Because this course is a beta launch and all the calls and coaching are held live there will be no refunds offered at this time. I believe if you fully commit to the next 6 weeks together you will experience growth beyond your wildest dreams! 

That's easy! Just email my team at [email protected] to ask your question, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours (Monday through Friday). You can also book a 15-minute decision call with me to make sure this program is right for you prior to enrolling. Just message my team, and we'll get you all set up! 

How does lifetime access sound?! If you can't make the recordings live, no worries, log into your student portal and listen to the recordings & download the worksheets at anytime throughout the year! 

Read this before you go!

I know as women it can be hard to invest in ourselves and our dreams. But if you are reading this I truly believe God lead you here for such a time as this. You were born to rise and that time is now. Don't let fear or other obstacles hold you back any longer. I am praying for you! 

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A special note from Rachael:

Hey friend,

You may notice the price for this course is very reasonably priced! That is because this is a beta launch, meaning this is the first time this content will be released to the world! I LOVE participating in beta launches because YOU get to be a founding member and get even closer access to the course creator (that's me!). After this beta launch, I fully anticipate the cost of this course will double so if you are on the fence at all on joining this round I say GO FOR IT!

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